Hello Friends!

My name is Elyse and I live in Holland, MI with my husband Patrick. I am a 1st-3rd grade Montessori teacher at Black River Public School in Holland. In my free time you can find me cooking (one form of my therapy), staying active (I teach a cardio HIIT class – another form of therapy), and traveling the world with my husband. My favorite food is carrots. While I have gotten creative with recipes that include kale, rutabaga, and bok choy, I am still seeking after the elusive okra recipe that my friends and family will eat. My Healthier Holland blog started in 2016 and I am so happy to have you here.

Want to know more about Healthier Holland?

Healthier Holland is a gift to the community of Holland, Michigan; a movement created to inspire and provide the resourcesĀ for any individual seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Originally, Healthier Holland started as a free workout class offered to the community every week. Patrick and I taught this class at different locations (indoors and outdoors) downtown Holland. This often ended up being one of my favorite times each week. We still miss our hard-working class participants! After three years, my husband and I took a break from the class. A year later I started this website.


About Healthier Holland


Through this website we hope to provide people with the knowledge and access to local resources to make healthy choices easier in the Holland community and beyond.

Each week there are 1-2 new blogs posts published. Make sure to subscribe (by providing your email on the right side of the page) so you don’t ever miss a post. The blog posts filter into one of the following topics. These topics have individual pages for you to explore on your own.

The website and blog posts focus onĀ the following topics:About Healthier Holland

  • The Farm page provides information on where to buy vegetables, fruit, meats, eggs, cheese and more from local farms.
  • The Recipe page is a place where I share our favorite recipes from our own kitchen, my favorite cookbooks, and other blogs.
  • The Fitness page include different ways to stay active in the community through group classes, free workouts, gyms, races and other events.
  • The Lifestyle page provides tips and resources to encourage healthy living during your daily life.

Here is where I need YOUR HELP:

Do you know of a community workout class, upcoming race, or other resources/tips that would be helpful to share on Healthier Holland? Send me an email: fisher.elyse@gmail.com