December Favorites {life, food, reads, workouts}

December has kept us busy as normal and I love it. We are doing a bit of traveling over the holidays so I didn’t do my normal Christmas decorating but I did take time to set up a few trees and decorations around the house.

We don’t seem to get outside as much during the colder months and find ourselves enjoying more time inside reading, working on home projects, doing basement workouts, and looking forward to warmer weather in the spring.

Can you believe we are almost halfway through December? Like I did in November, this post includes a few of my favorites from life recently. Feel free to play along and share any of your favorites in the comments section.

December Favorites


Like I mentioned above, we are doing minimal decorations this year because of holiday travels. I am still enjoying and soaking up every moment I can.

December FavoritesEven though we don’t have kids, we are both pretty busy (which we enjoy) and make it a point to have date night. We recently went to Phil’s in Saugatuck and I loved seeing all of the holiday lights. It is too dark in Phil’s to get food pictures but let me just tell you… WE LOVE PHIL’S.  Fantastic food and drinks. Next time we go there earlier in the day with better light I will be sure to snap some photos for you. This restaurant needs its own blog post because we enjoy it so much. Also, they have a wonderful gluten-free menu if you ask for it. Right on the menu they say it’s not for people with celiac but is for people who are have a gluten sensitivity. I have never had a bad experience eating from their gluten-free menu.

December Favorites


I stocked up on garlic lovers and fancy teas from The Seasoned Home downtown Holland. These make great gifts for others during the holidays and are also the perfect treat for yourself. If you live nearby and haven’t been in the store, I would encourage you to stop in. There are many other gift items, other than food, worth checking out.

December FavoritesDoorganics

This is a very similar concept to Door to Door and has been a smooth transition. Every Thursday I receive my order via email with a list of fruits and vegetables that will arrive in my next box. I can sub/change out up to four of the items and add additional items. Right now the grocery/pantry item selection is smaller than Door to Door but I know they are working to grow these options very soon. I like that my food arrives in a green bin (cheers for less cardboard!) and the bin gets traded out when my new bin of food is dropped off the following week. So smart. If this is something you want to try, you can use this link (affiliate link) for $10 off your first order.

December FavoritesDecember FavoritesDecember FavoritesButcher Box

This is a meat delivery service. You can choose your box type (poultry, pork, beef, mix, etc.) and box size. I get a customized, medium sized box every two months. My first box arrived and everything was still completely frozen. The meat is in a cooler which is in an insulated box. My order contained chicken breasts, chicken drumsticks, a whole chicken, 2 pork roasts, pork sausage, filet mignon, NY strip steaks, and ribeye steaks. If you want to give it a try, use this link (affiliate link) to get free meat and $10 off your first order.

December Favorites

Reading (including “listens” this week with a Podcast):

Food Psych PodcastA weekly podcast helping listeners make peace with food and their bodies
In my journey of working towards intuitive eating, I found this podcast and have been listening to it for a about a month. Christy starts off with a listener question followed by an informal interview/discussion with other leaders who have similar beliefs as Christy. I personally enjoy hearing the discussions about how people can work towards truly being healthy. Hint: It isn’t focused on your weight or how many calories you eat.

December Favorites4 Effective Ways To Get Moving When You’ve Eaten A Little Too Much – It’s OK to enjoy the holiday food. This can help you get back on track without running 10 miles or doing an hour of HIIT.

12 Things Introverts Absolutely Need to Be Happy – As someone who is married to an introvert, I appreciated this list. This is worth sharing with others if you, or someone you know, is an introvert.

Online Workouts (to stay warm inside during December):

December FavoritesFitness Magazine No Gym Workout – 8 No-Equipment HIIT Moves

  1. Fitness Blender video – Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout with Advanced and Low Impact Mods

Any new favorites from December worth sharing? Play along and share in the comments. 🙂

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