Eighth Day Farm // CSA 2018

Winter is officially here! We had our first snow day at school last week, the ground is covered with snow, and chilly air has arrived. I think it’s safe to say, winter is here. I have grown to love winter and the change of scenery, despite the cold temperatures and snow-covered roads. One thing I miss, however, is getting fresh vegetables from the farm each week. It’s not too early to start wishing, dreaming, and thinking about your local vegetable options come spring. We love to get our CSA vegetables from Eighth Day Farm.

As many of you already know, we have been CSA members at Eighth Day Farm for a while now. If you haven’t been a CSA member before, here is what it looks like:

  • You sign up and pay a lump sum before each farming season. At sign up you choose the size of ‘share’ you would like and the day you would like to pick-up your share from the farm.
  • Every week you receive a share of vegetables fresh from the farm. A typical share may look the lists in the picture below. Notice the difference between simple share (on the left) and standard share (on the right). Choosing between them allows you to pick based on your personal needs. There was often a “choice” table last year too (second picture below).

Eighth Day Farm CSA 2018Eighth Day Farm CSA 2018The list of vegetables you receive each week varies depending on what is harvested at that time of year. Earlier in the season you get more lettuce. Later in the season you get more root vegetables and squash.

  • You are encouraged to volunteer at the farm to gain a better understanding of how it all works, appreciate the work put into farming, and build community with the farmers and other CSA members. Some people do 1 hour a season while others do 10 hours a season. Volunteering could be helping at a weekly pick-up or working in the gardens. Many of the opportunities are kid-friendly and great for the family to do together.

Eighth Day Farm CSA 2018Eighth Day Farm CSA 2018Other things to know specific to Eighth Day Farm:

  • The farm has weekly potlucks you are invited to. Bring a dish to pass and join in on the fun.
  • There is an annual event called Farm to Fork where local restaurants and breweries come to the farm for a fantastic party celebrating the farm and local food. The restaurants make it a point to use vegetables from the farm in the dishes they prepare and serve. Last year, Sacred Springs made a special beet kombucha. It was awesome! Last year there were great farm tours, too. Everyone is invited to the event, not just CSA members, so bring your friends! This post (2016) and this post (2017) have more information about previous Farm to Fork events.

Eighth Day Farm CSA 2018Eighth Day Farm CSA 2018Eighth Day Farm CSA 2018Being CSA members has completely changed our eating habits (for the better!), allowed us to meet awesome people, and has given us a whole new appreciation for fresh, local food. I am counting down the days until I can sign up for my 2018 CSA share. Sign up opens up on January 1st. It is such a great investment every year. If you want to learn more about Eighth Day Farm and other great things they are doing for our community, check out their website HERE.

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