Farm Fresh Produce + New Food Worth Trying

How was your weekend? We enjoyed LOTS of time outside soaking up the sun before our schedules take a turn here soon with school starting up again. About this time of year, I remember how much I love being able to get farm fresh food and then get sad knowing it won’t last all year. Our breakfasts and lunches have had their share of greens and I am so thankful.

On a weekly basis, we are getting our CSA share of vegetables from Eighth Day Farm.


Twice a week I also get vegetables and lots of salad greens from my parents garden.


My aunt and uncle who live just down the road have different vegetables and fruits growing. Recently I went blackberry picking in their backyard and loaded up.

When people offer you fresh food their garden, they mean it! Take the opportunity and enjoy the options. 🙂


For breakfast, we have been enjoying sauteed kale with our eggs. With a little coconut (or olive) oil, salt, and pepper the kale cooks down nicely and pairs well with the eggs. I have done both scrambled and over easy eggs. Usually I top it off with avocado and/or hot sauce. This is actually a nice lunch option too.


For lunch almost every day, we have been making loaded salads. This includes fresh salad greens, veggies from the fridge, sometimes a leftover meat or avocado, cheese (feta has been our favorite this summer), kraut on the side, and a dressing. Fustini’s has been my go-to salad dressing all.summer.long. and I can’t get enough!


An easy snack to have during the day continues to be green juice. This has been especially refreshing during the summer.


For those days I have a lighter lunch, I add in my green juice to make sure I am getting enough protein. Below I paired my green juice with zoodles (with peanut ginger sauce), leftover roasted veggies, and kraut from Cultured Love.


Now I want to share with you a few new food options to try!

This Blueberry Banana Nice Cream Tart is a perfect way to use your freshly picked blueberries. We enjoyed this as a dessert for my mom’s birthday (hence the candles)!


Some people I talk to know the health benefits of kombucha but don’t want to make it themselves. I completely understand! I haven’t made my homemade kombucha since moving into our new house. Need to do this soon! Anyway, there is a great option you can purchase locally. Sacred Springs has great options and you can buy it at the Holland Farmers Market or on tap at The 205 Coffee Bar downtown Holland.


This past weekend we ventured to Grand Haven, MI and had lunch at Righteous Cuisine. Patrick had their food a few times as takeout at meetings and thought we should give it a try. After talking to others, we realized it had a great reputation! We ordered the Righteous Nachos (thanks to Brooke and Zach for this recommendation!) and a white fish taco (one of the specials for the day). Both were awesome but, if I am completely honest, the nachos were out of this world. The combination of different flavors was spot on!


We have another week of beautiful weather ahead.

Just as a reminder, I am teaching outdoor workout class every Monday + Tuesday and would love to have you there!

Between the sun shining, working out on the grass, cheering each other on, and getting on a good sweat we have a great time!

Monday // 5:30pm // Kollen Park
Tuesday // 5:30pm // Dunton Park

Check out Pop-Up Fitness for more information.

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