January Favorites {life, food, reads, workouts}

January is almost over (did it fly by for you, too?) so it’s time for me to share some of my favorites from this month!

Like I did in November and December, this post includes a few of my favorites from life recently. Feel free to play along and share any of your favorites in the comments section.

January Favorites


Earlier this month we returned from an unforgettable trip. Check out the Travel tab above to see what we were up to! We stayed busy between hiking through the jungle in Thailand, exploring temples in Cambodia, and visiting my brother’s relatives in Vietnam.

My dad’s new music composition “Silk Stone Heart” is now on his website. AND… you can download it free of charge until February 5. “Silk Stone Heart” is a lovely piece with Piano and Solo Cello. The Cello is played by Tim Hugh of the London Symphony Orchestra. While on the website, please also enjoy “Elyse’s Lullaby” (which my dad walked me down the aisle to on my wedding day) and “Stealing the Night.” Both are beautiful.

As a part of 30 Days of Awesome, I helped out at a workshop called Salad-In-A-Jar. Necia and Jon showed the group how to prepare salads ahead of time to be ready for the week. The salads were, indeed, awesome!

By going to their website, you can sign up now for the next 30 days starting on February 1. You will receive encouragement and tips on how to add even more Awesome into your already Awesome life. Their tips focus on sleeping, eating, drinking, and moving. Throughout the month they hold different events/workouts and most of them are free. The Salad-In-A-Jar workshop had a small ticket price to cover the cost of supplies. Everyone left with three different salads prepped in a jar for the week. Awesome!


Meal prep is often therapy for me. This month I posted a picture of my fridge on Facebook and Instagram which received a lot of attention and sweet comments. Thank you! I am working on a more detailed food prep blog post to share in the future. At the end of the week I took another picture of my fridge. Check out the beginning and end comparison.

Beginning of the week:

End of the week:

Quite a difference! I call this a “food prep success”.

A few weeks ago I made steaks from Butcher Box using garlic olive oil from Fustini’s (a gift from Robin, Patrick’s co-worker) and truffle salt from Trader Joe’s (a gift from Morgan, my sister-in-law). Wow, was that good!

We are still enjoying Butcher Box. Until January 31, new people who sign up get a WHOLE year of free bacon. Yep, you read that right. A YEAR OF FREE BACON. Here is my affiliate link if you want to check it out.

Another thing I have been using on my Butcher Box meat are these salts, which came from my sister. She lives in Tampa, FL and sent these local (to her area) salts as a present. The company is called Florida Pure. These salts are tasty, and step up the flavor without too much work. And look at the storage box – just darling. 🙂

These quinoa burgers are on repeat at our house, especially during the winter months. Enjoy these on their own, with a bun, or on top of a salad. I made a double batch and froze half to pull out at another time.


Stephanie Was So Focused on Losing Weight, but Ended Up With This Serious Health Issue – This hit a little (too) close to home for me. :-/ This is me being vulnerable.

18 Freebies to Kick off Your Anti-Diet, Body-Loving 2018 – A good follow-up to the previous article!

50+ Recipes That You Can Make in Your Instant Pot – soups, main dishes, everyday dinner, and tips ALL IN ONE.


Patrick and I did this workout in our basement a few times. I found this through a “CrossFit” Pinterest search (inspired by Kendra, who I work with), but couldn’t find the exact source so I just took a screenshot picture of it. This workout was tough, and so much fun! I really love these types of workouts because you can do them at your own pace and push yourself to the level that works for you. Some days may be faster than others. That’s OKAY and completely normal.

Full disclosure: The first time we tried this workout, we only did 15 minutes (always adapt to your needs) followed by a few of our favorite weight exercises. We enjoy using 5 pound weights to do a few different punching exercises to finish off the workout.

Any new favorites from January worth sharing? Play along and share in the comments. 🙂

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