Recent Summer Recipes & Eats

Anyone else looking forward to getting back to a routine? I really do enjoy the transition from summer to fall.

A few things I look forward to:

schedule gets back on track
fall months brings cooler weather 
annual trip to the farmers market to get colorful mums for the front porch
kitchen work changes from salads & smoothes to soups & stews
my TENTH year of teaching – where does the time go?!


Before we start this transition to fall, I want to share a few recent favorite recipes and meals we have enjoyed lately.

Did you see my recent Basil Pesto recipe? This will be great on pizzas, another fall favorite food.


BLT season is here! My favorite way to make crispy bacon is in the oven. Easy and less mess.


We have come across so much zucchini lately so I was happy when my mom introduced me to a recipe where I could use a lot of it. This Indian-Spice Zucchini-Coconut Soup is a keeper. I made a triple batch to keep in my freezer. This will be a nice school lunch (kept warm in this container) or dinner at home.


This next one I don’t have a picture of so make sure to check out the recipe link. Angela, from Oh She Glows, has a new recipe called 8-Minute Pantry Dal. We seem to be on an Indian food kick this week! Many different veggies can work in this dish. Angela recommends carrot and zucchini, potato and peas, sweet potato and red pepper, broccoli and zucchini, cauliflower and/or broccoli. I used carrots and zucchini because it’s what was in my fridge. The spices are spot on and provide a wonderful flavor. I always try to have roasted veggies stored in the fridge for lunches. Patrick has lunch home most days and I always pack a lunch so we go through lots of roasted veggies each week.

Patrick mentioned that this dal recipe would be a nice dish to have in the fridge to eat with lunches throughout the week. I love this idea because it’s a pretty easy recipe to make and makes a lot in one batch. Win!


With our recent move to Macatawa Legends, we are making it a point to enjoy the amenities that come along with it (golf, gym, tennis courts, pool, restaurant). This has actually helped us step away from work and to-do lists, which can be hard for both of us. This is a good thing!


The restaurant is open to the public and has an outdoor deck that was recently finished. We enjoy grabbing drinks during happy hour from 4-6pm, Monday-Saturday and like to sit on the deck when the weather is nice.


Have you tried the Chocolate Chip Biscotti (gluten free) at Lemonjello’s? Dynamite.


The Blueberry Lemon Scone (gluten free) from JP’s is also a new favorite.



And to get back in the spirit of school starting and schedules getting back to normal, here are a few meal-prep ideas to get you through those busy weeks. 🙂

Quinoa Burgers (freezer friendly)
Vanilla Protein Bites
Roasted Squash
Preserve Bell Peppers (in the freezer)
The Breakfast Cookie

Happy Meal-Prepping!



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