Kitchen Utensils:

-As an elementary school teacher by day, I pack my lunch every day. This thermos allows me to heat soup up on the stove in the morning and enjoy it at the perfect temperature 5 or 6 hours later. I use it a few times each week to keep my lunches interesting.

-When we decided to make most of our food, rather than buy boxed or pre-made goods at the store, these muffin cups were a lifesaver. One of our favorite recipes is zucchini muffins. They are also great for holding a separating food in a packed lunch.

-On those days that I am not using my thermos to hold warm soup, I use these containers to pack my lunch. It allows me to bring different items while saving space. The best thing about this container is that it is leak proof! Pack yogurt on one side with no fear of it ruining your salad on the other side.

-This comes in handy when I am making our homemade almond milk. It allows me to easily strain the almond milk before drinking it. The bag catches the almond meal which saves time during clean-up.

-When baking I always use my Silpat so I don’t have to spray by baking sheets. It washes up well and works for many recipes including homemade cereal, granola, cookies, scones, egg rolls… the list is endless. This is worth the money and will last a while. I have had one for years and use it at least once a week.

-Scrambled eggs is on our breakfast rotation and we enjoy them about 4 or 5 days a week. My Misto was a wonderful replacement to those other cooking sprays that can be full of chemicals. I refill my Misto with olive oil when needed and use feeling much better about what I am putting into the food I am about to eat.

-Worth the investment! I can not stress this enough. The Vitamix was on my “wish list” for what seemed like forever. Santa brought me a Vitamix this year and I seem to find a use for it daily! One of the best parts of using it is the easy clean up process. Quick and easy.


-Between smoothies, pancakes, chia pudding, and more we use a lot of protein powder. This has been our favorite for a while. There is a chocolate option too.

-I like to consider Chia Seeds a super food! They are full of Omega-3’s, fiber and give you a ton of energy. We use them in our overnight oats and smoothies the most.

-Not only is coconut oil great for cooking but it has many other amazing uses as well, like making your skin look younger. This is my favorite brand because it is USDA Organic and Cold-Pressed.

-I use coconut sugar to replace all white sugars when I am cooking. It is minimally processed, a part of the non-GMO project, and has natural nutrients. It’s produced from the flower bud of a coconut tree.