Thailand Travels: Chan Trekking Adventure

Our adventure continues and this post is about our recent two-day trekking adventure through the jungle just outside of Chiang Mai. If you missed my post on our time spent in Chiang Mai, you can see it here. We did an over-night trekking adventure with Chan Trekking. What a neat experience!

Trekking Adventure – Day 1


Chan Trekking picked us up at our hotel and we were on our way.


Our first stop was a beautiful walk that ended at a lovely waterfall.


After a quick stop for this fantastic lunch, we started our hike.


Our guide, Chaiboon, chopped down a few skinny bamboo trees to make us walking sticks. I was so glad to have this during parts of our hike!


After a few hours of hiking, we stopped at a small village. The village had close to 40 people living there.


Our hike through the jungle continued for a few more hours before arriving at our destination for the evening. This village has just under 150 people living there.



This was our home for the evening. Luckily, we had the place to ourselves. I was so thankful for the bed nets to protect us from the mosquitos!




Dinner was cooked over the fire and served to us by candlelight. All of this was cooked by our guide and truly wonderful. Sooo good!

Trekking Adventure- Day 2


The next morning, we warmed up by the fire and were served breakfast. Again, this was made by our guide and was awesome. These were some of the best scrambled eggs I have ever had.



After breakfast, we hiked to meet some elephants. Elephants are so beautiful up close! We both interacted and fed the elephants before starting our rafting journey.


Chaiboon, with the help of his friends, made our raft using bamboo. Then, we were off!


Patrick helped Chaiboon get us down the river. During the rainy season, and higher water levels, this journey takes around an hour. The water is lower this time of year and the journey took close to 2 1/2 hours. The scenery was incredible the whole time.


Lunch welcomed us at the end of our journey at a small restaurant looking over the river. It was a nice spread. 🙂


Our last stop was at PoopooPaper. We learned all about how elephant poo can turn into paper. This was actually pretty cool to see!



Overall, we LOVED this adventure and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a similar experience. Check out Chan Trekking if you are at all interested!

Up next on the blog will be all about our time spent at Railay Beach! Here is a sneak peek…


I hope your 2018 is off to a great start!

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