Thailand Travels: Chiang Mai

We’ve arrived in Thailand and are soaking up as much as we can. Our flights were long, 13 hour flight + 6 hour flight, but were both pretty smooth. Patrick and I actually get some sleep on the plane and were ready to start exploring Chiang Mai after we landed shortly before 6am.

Today’s post is a quick update, mainly through pictures, of our first day exploring…

Chiang Mai, Thailand

First stop… G2 Boutique Hotel.


After a quick taxi ride and a short walk down this alley, we found our hotel.



I loved how it was hidden within the busy streets.


Here is our cute patio outside of our room. The sounds of the running water was quite relaxing.


We hopped on a songtaew (one of their versions of a taxi) to catch a ride to see temples.




Our first meal in Thailand was this lunch. Everything about it was amazing. And for close to $7 for all of it. What a steal!


Our afternoon consisted of more exploring around the city to see temples,



visit parks (I loved the workout stations throughout one of the parks – so fun to try!),


and try new dishes at the food markets.

The next morning we made sure to get foot massages. Our feet were tired!


Stay tuned for our overnight trekking adventure to a village a few hours outside of Chiang Mai. It was a life-changing experience to say the least. Here is a sneak peek…


And to our friends back home… We are thinking of you! Stay warm!

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