Thailand Travels: Railay Beach

Ready to travel to paradise with me? The next place we visited in Thailand was Railay Beach. After Chiang Mai and our overnight trekking adventure, we were ready to relax for a bit!

From Chiang Mai we took a PLANE to Krabi.

From Krabi we hopped on a TAXI which took us to a pier.

From the pier we took a BOAT to Railay Beach.

Upon arriving to Railay Beach, we were only footsteps away from our hotel.

Quite the adventure already!


Our time at Railay Beach was spent hiking, relaxing, eating, and resting. Unfortunately, both of us did end up getting food poisoning. Not fun at all. We did out best to not let it slow us down too much although we were both out of commission for a day and a half.

Here are a few quick updates from our time at Railay Beach…


Fresh fruit smoothies were much appreciated mid-afternoon. It was hot!


After time at the beach under the sun, I enjoyed being able to relax by the pool in the shade for a few hours. This picture was taken early one morning. During the day, this place was busy with people.


One neat area on Railay Beach is called Walking Street. Here you can find restaurants, shops, bars, an ATM, massage places, mini-marts, and more. There are no cars on Railay Beach so the streets are more like alleys. Again, this picture was taken early in the morning. By mid-morning and through the night this was packed with people and everyone was usually still in their bathing suit and coverup. Getting dressed in shorts and a t-shirt could be considered overdressed here. I loved how casual everything was. True island life!


We watched a few fantastic sunsets,


hiked to lagoons,


explored caves,




and enjoyed every view we could. That water! Ahhh, breathtaking.


We had a nice time and especially loved being able to celebrate Patrick’s birthday in such a special part of the world!


Up next on our travel adventure… Bangkok! Here is a sneak peek…

Still two countries to go: Cambodia + Vietnam!

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