Working WITH Your Body’s Natural Rhythm

Today I have a guest post to share from Jill Tanis, HHC & Angelle Batten, HHC. They are the Co-founders of The Nourish to Flourish Society and are an inspiration to many women, including myself.



What if you never had to count points, calories or fat grams to lose weight and feel great in your body? Like ever. And what if you could lose weight with more ease, calm your cravings and boost your energy…all while eating deliciously real food. What if we told you that the secret to doing exactly this is to learn how to work with your body’s natural rhythm instead of working against it by depriving, restricting and punishing yourself every single day with those low-cal pretzels and no-fat dressings.


You see, everything in the Universe has a rhythm, including us.


Most of us are out of rhythm when it comes to eating. We definitely were for years and paid the price with crazy sugar cravings, fatigue, hormonal havoc and other not-so-fun stuff. For many women, eating against their body’s natural rhythm leads to stubborn weight gain, hormonal imbalance and stubborn cravings, not to mention fatigue and irritability.


What does it look like when we are eating out of rhythm?


We graze throughout the day. We skip breakfast or lunch trying to ‘save up’ calories or points for a special dinner or dessert. We eat 5 or 6 meals throughout the day because the mainstream media or our doctor tells us that will help us boost our metabolism. We end up overriding our hunger signals and side-stepping our body’s beautiful wisdom.

What if your body was back in its natural rhythm? What would that look like?


You would get up and drink a glass of water to rehydrate, maybe with a splash of lemon or a few drops of lemon oil.


You’d likely want some fuel to ‘break your fast’ so you would enjoy a meal with a small to moderate amount of Powerful Protein. You’d include Friendly Fat and some Colorful Carbs in the form of low-sugar high-fiber fruit and vegetables. It might be a smoothie or an easy breakfast sauté. You’d actually eat or drink enough to get you the 4 or 5 hours until lunchtime. This is something most women, can’t imagine happening – that you aren’t hungry for 4 or 5 hours – but trust us, it does happen when you eat the right foods at the right times. It’s pretty amazing actually, and allows your body to shift into fat burning mode without ever needing to count calories or points again!

As your digestive system reaches its peak around midday, you’d be your hungriest and sit down to eat a big meal that has lots of veggies with more Powerful Protein than breakfast and plenty of Friendly Fat like avocados, raw nuts and seeds, olive or avocado oil dressing.


You’d eat enough lunch that it carries you through to dinner.


Because you’d understand that your digestive system wants to wind down for the evening and not use too much energy digesting food so that your body can do its ‘clean-up and repair’ work throughout the night, you’d eat a smaller nutritious, delicious and balanced meal for dinner.

In between mealtimes you’d hydrate with plenty of clean, fresh water and enjoy herbal teas. You might drink cultured beverage like kombucha or kefir so that you get in a variety of probiotics and enzymes in order to keep your digestive system in tip-top shape every day.


You’d wind down as the sun starts winding down, slowing your pace and resting your mind so that you can fall to sleep within about 15 minutes of your head hitting your pillow. You’d get as many hours of sleep as you could before 10 because that’s when your body gets the most important repair work done.


Doesn’t that sound like a dream? ….


Instead, most of us are dragging ourselves out of bed, skipping or eating a high-carb breakfast which makes us hungry a few hours later. We start to crash so we grab sugar or caffeine to keep us going. We have a small lunch because we’re in a rush or to save a few calories for dinner, which finds us famished after a big mid-afternoon slump that we again munched our way through. Then we eat a big dinner or a small dinner followed by cravings-fueled snacking. And then we push ourselves through our natural ‘sleepy’ phase so that we can have some ‘me time’ or get more done because we were so busy focusing on everyone and everything other than ourselves all day long.


It’s exhausting just thinking about how we often move through the day, isn’t it?


It’s not always easy to get into your natural rhythm, but we can tell you from personal experience and from supporting over 600 women in our 14-day Reset, it doesn’t have to be overly hard either.

If we prioritize eating in our natural rhythm, a lot of other things related to our physical, mental and emotional health will come into better balance. In fact, these are the things we hear from women who begin to eat in rhythm:


“I can’t believe how calm and focused I feel.”

“I am not even hungry.”

“I have more steady energy.”

“I have so much less anxiety.”

“I’m not feeling bloated.”

“My PMS is so much better.”



So, how do you do start eating in a natural rhythm exactly? We’re glad you asked…


Don’t overthink it.


Start by adding in one of these suggestions at a time:


1. Drink a glass of room-temperature water within 20 minutes of getting up in the morning, before you drink anything else.

2. Eat a breakfast that has a good amount of healthy protein and fat and few carbs.

3. Sit down and enjoy your biggest meal of the day by 2 p.m. and make sure to include plenty of healthy protein, fat and some vegetables.

4. Eat a smaller dinner, with less protein, 2-3 hours before you wind down for bed.



Here’s an important tip for you. Friendly Fat is key toward easing into this rhythm. Your body’s preferred fuel is fat, both dietary and stored; not carbs and sugars. Fat is a slow-burning, stable fuel that your nervous system and whole body needs and loves. And, when you snack between meals and in the evening, your body will not easily burn fat for fuel because even if you are eating carrots as a ‘healthy snack’ it basically says, “Hmmm, she’s giving me fuel from the outside again. No need to burn what’s stored, it can stay right where it is.” Then as the snacking continues, more energy gets stored as fat than is ever allowed to be released.


Even if you are not desiring to lose weight, keeping in tune with your body’s natural rhythm is still important in order to support your digestive system and healthy blood sugar, insulin and other hormone levels. That might mean four meals a day for you, but still with 2-3 hours between for your body to fully digest what you ate.


If you’d like to see how good your body will feel when you’re eating in rhythm, and you’d love to jump start weight loss, calm your cravings and boost your energy too, we’d love you to join us in our upcoming 14-Day Fall Reset.

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Thank you Jill and Angelle for sharing this insightful information with us. As a proud ambassador of the Nourish to Flourish 14-Day Reset I would love to have you join me. Click HERE for all of the details. 

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